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The Story

I have spent thirty years living and working in the United States.  My entire career has taken place here, and I have much for which I am very grateful.  Composing is one of those things.

I began composing when I came here in 1989, with my simple arrangement of STEAL AWAY.    This was followed by my first published piece, 


In the three decades since, I have composed many pieces for many different occasions.  Some are published by major publishing houses, and details of these may be found on my main website HERE.  However, most of my output is being made available at this online store for direct digital download. 

The Mission

My thoughts about publishing have changed over the years.  Back in the day, the goal was always to find a commercial publisher in order to achieve the best printed product, promotion, and general availability of a new musical work.  As technology has developed, so has my philosophy. 

Publishing, for me, is not about the financial reward.  Let's face it, very few composers are able to make a living through this one activity.  Commissioned works can be quite lucrative, but royalties from publishing earn, at best, pennies on the dollar!

As I get older, my goal is to make my compositions widely available, affordable, and accessible.  Direct download is by far the most efficient way of achieving this goal.  It is convenient for me as a self-publisher, and for you as a potential performer. It will also benefit both of us financially.

The Result

By purchasing a PDF of one of my compositions, you are automatically licensed to make the  copies you need for your performing group.  I would like to allow you access to these pieces quickly and affordably, so I would simply ask that you use the "quantity" button to order an accurate representation of your performing needs.  The price quoted is for a single printing.  

For average length choral pieces, you will see that the price is quite low for a single print.  For a song-cycle, or a multi-movement choral work, the price is higher for a single print.  A different price will be indicated for ordering a conductor's score, a set of instrumental parts, and so on.  This will always be a good deal for you, the customer.  It will also pay me a reasonable fee, albeit considerably less than a publisher might make for selling you real copies.  With this arrangement, of course, you will be paying for your paper, any binding you use, and your printing expenses.

For the greatest value, I am offering an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION option. For these pricing levels, you will have access to printing PDFs of certain collected works - up to and including my entire catalog - for a whole year!

Having said this, I want to reiterate that my goal is to make all of my music available to you as conveniently as possible.  My greatest interest is to have my music performed!  Despite the reasonable prices, if you would like to receive a sample copy from me before committing to a purchase, I will be more than happy to oblige.  Contacting me below, or through my website HERE is quick and efficient.

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